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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Change Google's Search Domain in Google Chrome

To explain the problem a little bit, it happens when you try to search from the address bar in Google Chrome, Chrome redirects you from to (, ...). And it is the localization feature presented form Google Chrome.
But it will become like HELL when you try to change this localization setting, or when you travel to another country. you can try change search engine form chrome setting, but Na  that wont work out because the address bar (omnibox) URL depends on {google:baseURL}.

I figured that out after a lot of investigation in my Chrome installation directory and pain in my head!!!, as I couldn't find any workable solution by googling the problem, so I prefer to share it :)

You better do the following:
How to fix:
  1. Open "C:\Users{your_user_account}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data" folder.
  2. Open "Local State" file.
  3. Add/Edit these in the node "browser":
    "last_known_google_url": "", "last_prompted_google_url": "",
  4. Open "Default/Preferences" file.
  5. Add/Edit these in the node "browser":
    "last_known_google_url": "", "last_prompted_google_url": "", 
How node "browser" looks like:
 "browser": {
   //your code here

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