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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Resistance ( المقاومة الكهربية )

Hi Friends,
we faced in our study (specified in digital) dealing with Resistances specifically Carbon Resistances, and now I will try to explain to you an easy way to deal with resistance and using it later isA.
All you have to do is to deal with table .......

and this a picture of some kinds of Carbon Resistances

and this is an example of reading a value of a resistance

in this picture :
o First and second ring represents by number
o Third rig represent zeros of the number
o Forth ring represent tolerance rang
o If there is fifth ring, it will represent error value
o If there is sixth ring, it will represent temperature effect

Small Note : if the resistance you got have a No color tolerance >>> so you will read the resistance from the smallest distance between ring and edge

There are another type of Resistance like the wired Resistance and Variance Resistance .... etc
and the pdf below contain some description about Electrical components

I hope this post give you a good benefit and useful for you