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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Convert JAR file to EXE excutable (Step by Step)

Previously I talked about how to convert a jar file to exe file so you be able to share your java work with friends and make a really cool things :)

Today I am gonna explain step by step how to convert jar file to exe file

Let's start
1. Download and install the freeware JSmooth from here
 What we gonna to do is converting my program Sorting techniques simulation from jar to exe

2. Select Skeleton, and then choose your suitable method for converting (from ? icon)
     For us here we will select like the image shows, our option will make the exe file download the JVM if not found.

Figure 1

3. Select Executable. Browse to the location you want the exe to create to and then write down the name of the program 

Figure 2

 4.  Select Application. Browse to select your jar file, and then browse to select the main class.

Figure 3

 5. Select JVM Selection.Write down the minimum JVM version.

Figure 4

 6. Select JVM Configuration. It is prefer to specify the maximum memory used by the program to avoid any halting of the exe file.
Figure 5
Now just press project menu and hit compile.

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  1. @Blue: Thanks man,
    Images, you mean GUI contains images.
    You can try my way,Supposed it will work good, if images never show up, do this:
    1. in figure 3 >> add the library that contains the images to the large text box.

    If you talking about program Icon:
    1. download that program
    this will allow you to convert image to icon (change size)

    2. in Figure 3, browse to the image in second text field.