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Friday, November 5, 2010

Convert Jar file to EXE executable

Hi friends,

Sometimes it is needed to convert your java application with jar extension to an exe one. That will make it easier to spread among your friends. It is sometime desirable to convert the JAR file in to EXE (executable) and distribute the EXE. Although the exe can be executed only in Windows environment, this will definitely affects the “platform independency” of a Java program. Still if you want to convert a JAR file in EXE then following tools are for you.
You can see that Post: Convert jar file to exe executable (Step by Step)

JSmooth .exe wrapper

JSmooth is a Java Executable Wrapper. It creates native Windows launchers (standard .exe) for your java applications. It makes java deployment much smoother and user-friendly, as it is able to find any installed Java VM by itself. When no VM is available, the wrapper can automatically download and install a suitable JVM, or simply display a message or redirect the user to a web site.
JSmooth provides a variety of wrappers for your java application, each of them having their own behaviour: Choose your flavour!

JarToExe 1.8

Jar2Exe is a tool to convert jar files into exe files.
Following are the main features as describe in their website:
-Can generate “Console”, “Windows GUI”, “Windows Service” three types of exe files.
-Generated exe files can add program icons and version information.
-Generated exe files can encrypt and protect java programs, no temporary files will be generated when program runs.
-Generated exe files provide system tray icon support.
-Generated exe files provide record system event log support.
-Generated windows service exe files are able to install/uninstall itself, and support service pause/continue.
-New release of x64 version, can create 64 bits executives. (May 18, 2008)
-Both wizard mode and command line mode supported. (May 18, 2008)


Package your Java application as a jar, and Executor will turn the jar into a Windows exe file, indistinguishable from a native application. Simply double-clicking the exe file will invoke the Java Runtime Environment and launch your application.

Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer lets you create Windows MSI installs in minutes. This also has Windows Vista support and also helps to create MSI packages in other languages.
Let me know other tools that you have used to convert JAR to EXE. And also comments/reviews about these tools.
That was a nice topic I found since a while, and I see it is better to share it as it is some how cool :D


  1. very nice guide :) inspired me to make similar guide but for converting matlab files to exe.

  2. Go a head bro :) and when finish it tell me, I will be glad to publish it under your name :D

  3. hi again ahmed,
    i got a question, is it possible to do the opposite of this.

    here's what i want to do :
    make windows phone 7 applications using VC 2010,then convert it to jar to be able to run it on windows mobile 6.x (or symbian OS)

    the reason i want to do this is because visual studio 2010 only support windows phone 7 and i dont want to download VS 2008 just to make 1 program :)
    finally, will the jar file work on wm 6.x or will it be only compatible with wm 7.

    sorry if my comment is too long.

  4. You are welcome bro,
    So, for first question: Yes you can convert back jar file to its classes and codes, that process called "De-compiler" and this software is available for many languages compilers.

    Second question farahat: If you want VS 2008 I have it, so I can give it to you anytime. S.N form MSDN :D

  5. thnx ahmed,
    looks like the best way is to work on vs 2008 :D
    i tried the de-compiler but after i re compile by eclipse i get errors which i cant deal with (idk anything in java i only know C++ :D ), maybe my de-compiler isnt good.
    anyway i will just download vs2008 with my msdn account.
    damn microsoft is so dumb, why vs2010 doesnt support wm6 :(

  6. You don't have to download it, I have it on my PC. Come to my class "tenawarny :)" with flash memory and I will give it to you :) bro, I am MSP man :)
    You are so welcome farahat