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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Template

Hie Friends,In this post I wanna you tell me about your opinion in the new interface (Template) and this new-look :) and also your feedback is important. :)
Till now this is a version beta, I am still working on the blog to do the best I can en sha2 allaha 


  1. Very good .An inspiring template.I see that "Box Office" and "Avril Lavigne" are not appropriate for ur blog .best wishes . Mohsen Fayek

  2. Thanks Mohsen for your feedback..
    I am really appreciate that. :)
    I will isA re-consider these two gadgets. and you are almost right about them :)
    See ya,
    Best wishes.

  3. Hello Ahmed,

    Nice work on your blog :)
    I have few comments about it.
    Maybe you can bring "Subscribe to", "Share gadget" and "Wanna Talk?" to the upper of the page, you want them to be very obvious to the visitor. Maybe you can place them after "About Me".

    I think it would be better if you can sort the labels based on their occurrence.

    Best wished.

  4. Hie Yasmine,
    How are you ? I hope you fine isA.

    Thanks for your helping and feedback.
    I am really appreciate that, yeah these gadgets preferred to be upper in the page. I moved them :)

    Wish you luck in your life yasmine.