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Friday, August 6, 2010

Opening CMD in Administrator mode

Hi friends,
I found this information, and I think it is really important despite how easy is that..
You can open your windows CMD and run some useful commands, but some of these commands unable to run under default user account. It has to be run in administrative mode, and it is quite easy :
just type CMD in run window or in start menu search box and then hit " CTRL+SHFT+ENTER "
Also another way to do that :
type cmd in start menu search box, right click on it and select run as administrator.

But be aware of what you doing - it is admin mode :) -.


  1. nice tip :) but you forget to say what commands we can use in admin mode ;)

  2. Thanks farahat :D
    and yeah I forgot that :D:D
    what makes me enter the admin mode is that in windows vista when you clean up you windows partition it also disabled hibernate option. And there is no method to return it back "GUI"... so you must do this from CMD in admin mode ....
    I will add this as a experience in the post ...
    see ya friend :)