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Friday, January 29, 2010

How to restore your access to a partition on Windows XP?

Hi Friends,
If you lost your access to the partition "Access is denied " and you no more can view this partition, so this solution might help you in.

Since a few weeks, I was changed some settings in the windows security then I lost my access to the partition, even my account is an Administrator one. And when I try to access the partition a message "Access is denied " appears.
I do my best to solve this problem and I searched a lot and Thanks God I solved it.

Because of what I suffered. I see it will be better no one faced all of this again, here you are the solution.
Here is a simple way to access Windows XP with Administrator right and privileges without using Windows safe mode ...
We will log in Windows using the built-in Administrator account (Hidden - Protected account), just follow the steps below "Tip: there are many ways to access this account"
1- Start your computer normally and in the welcome screen (that contains all user accounts in the computer) , you can press Ctrl + Alt + Del twice to get to the log in prompt.

2- The log in prompt will appears, type in the user name field "Administrator", if you didn't set a password to the built-in Administrator you will be directly logging in to desktop, else you have to enter the password in the password field.

3- You supposed to be in the desktop, but be careful, you now logged in through the most powerful account.

4- Right click on the inaccessible partition and select Security tab and then Advanced, Select Owner tab and then select Administrator as the owner of this partition.

5- Now restore the security setting of this partition. log out and then re-logging in using your account, now you got full control again.

I hope this helps any one solving his problem. This is not the only way, there are alot of ways to solve this issue.
Please if you have another opinion or wanna give me feedback don't hesitate, I will be glad for you :) ....
Bye Friends,


  1. Good work Hamdy keep it up, but if you attached your post with some pics it would be better.

    Mina Fouad

  2. Thanks Mina for your reply.... appreciate that Bro :D ....
    And about pics, I think you are right, but the reason why I didn't put pics in the post as I think that they would be not much useless :) .. And if some one confused in any part, he definitely can ask me :))) next time will put some pics in the post isA :)
    Bye Bro